Andrew Hall


Update on <select> issues in iOS 8.0.2

Earlier this week, I reported on 2 different issues with <select> elements (dropdowns) in iOS 8.

Issue 1: iOS 8 Select/Dropdown Issue
Issue 2:  Another iOS 8 Select/Dropdown Issue

Now that iOS 8.0.2 has been released, I thought I would re-check the issues to see if anything had changed.

The short answer is no! Both of these issues are still evident in 8.0.2.

However, the second of the issues that I reported on to the Webkit Bugzilla has been updated to a status of “In Radar”
From some searching on the web, it seems that Radar seems to be some kind of internal tracking system used by apple, so maybe there is some chance that this bug at least is being worked on and may be fixed in a future iOS update.

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