Andrew Hall


Send web pages to your Kindle to read later

Recently I resurrected an old project of mine that allows you to send web pages on the internet to read later on a Kindle.

I built this service a few years ago when I wanted to read long web articles on my Kindle instead of on a screen.
The service at www.kindlethispage.com, allows users to click a bookmark in their browser and have the content of the webpage they are on to be sent to their Kindle.

The service uses JavaScript for the bookmarklet, sending the current URL to the server where it is processed by the Readability library in PHP to remove all menus and adverts, sending only the content to the Kindle device via email.

I have found the service really helpful when looking at long articles on the web and now I have added support for images too, so it makes reading the articles even better.

Let me know if you find it helpful

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