Andrew Hall


Saving articles to read later

These days with distraction after distraction and constant context switching, its harder to concentrate than ever before.

One of the ways I avoid context switching is to save articles that I find I am interested in but can’t read right now, to read later. This may be due to being stuck into something or because I just don’t have time to read them at that point.

The service I use for short articles is Instapaper and I find it has many benefits.
One of the key features that I use, is the ability to save links from my phone whilst browsing or via Twitter, to view later on a desktop PC.
I also like the feature where the iPhone app will download all the articles you have saved to your device so you can still read them or watch the videos when you are offline, e.g. whilst travelling.
The best part of Instapaper is how it strips out all navigation and most styles of the page so you are just left with the text and the odd relevant image – this makes for quicker reading.

The way you save articles is easy, you simply click share with Instapaper on iOS via chrome, safari or Twitteriffic. On the desktop, its a simple bookmarklet that you use from within your browser.

For longer articles that take longer than ~5 minutes to read, I use ”Send to Kindle” from within Chrome. This is an extension, which formats the web page in a similar way to Instapaper, removing menu items and other unnecessary parts of the page so that I can read the article later, either via the Kindle iPhone app or on my Kindle device. The benefit of using this for long articles is that the progress of me reading the article is synced between devices.

What do you use for saving this for later?

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