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Regain control of Twitter with 3 Chrome Extensions

Twitter can often be a sea of confusion and irrelevant tweets.

Here are the 3 extensions that have really helped me to tame my Twitter feed.

1) Web Marker

This is my favourite. If i’m at home, I normally read Twitter on my iPhone or on iPad via Twitteriffic. Other times, I read Twitter on the web.

Tweet marker is a service that lets you sync all these services together, so if you read tweets on your phone morning, then check Twitter on your desktop at lunchtime, you’ll easily see where you got up to.

Tweetmarker screenshot on Andrew Hall's Blog

(Here, the blue line indicates where I last read up to on my phone)

2) Open Tweet Filter

This extension is great for filtering out things you don’t want to see.
For example:

  • foursquare checkins
  • certain subjects (X Factor, US Elections)
  • YouTube videos
When you install the extension, you get an extra button in the Twitter toolbar titled “Filter”. You simple enter a list of words that you want to filter on and the extension will remove any tweets which contain that word.

English Tweets only on Andrew Hall's Blog

3) English Tweets Only (see edit)

Some of the people I follow also speak French and German but I didnt want to see these tweets in my timeline. However, I didn’t want to unfollow them as they also tweeted in English too.
This extension helps to clear the clutter by stripping tweets I wont understand.

EDIT: I was using the Microsoft Translation API for this and it seems you now have to pay for this! So annoying! Does anyone know a free translation API?

What extensions do you use for Twitter? Let me know in the comments!

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