Andrew Hall


Reading List – February 2015

Just one book read this month and typing this makes me realise that its not good enough.
Need to try and so better next month!

1) Our Virtual Shadow: Why We Are Obsessed With Documenting Our Lives Online

I really enjoyed this book which talked about our online lives. Theres some overlap with the subjects which I talk about and focussing on whats really important in your life. The main theme of this book is that we spend so much time and effort on documenting the things we do, that we don’t actually enjoy the things that we do any more.
Where we might take lot of pictures or a video of a live performance now, we cannot use these things to remind us of the things we’ve done, because instead of focussing on enjoying ourselves or getting lost in the moment or the atmosphere, we just spend our time documenting the events. Therefore, these reminders (such as photos or videos) only remind us of the act of documenting the event, not the actual event.

I found this very interesting and aligned with a lot of things I have been trying to share through event speaking.

Already started this month’s book, but its a big one, so I would expect that I will only read one book in March too.


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