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Outsourcing is for Everyone

When I am really busy and my todo list is getting too long, I actually get less and less done.
Just managing all the work I have to do, means that I don’t spend any time actually doing things, just juggling it all.

This is when I reach out for help.

One of the ways I do this it to outsource – Now, just hang on, don’t change tabs, or think that outsourcing is not for you (I previously thought like this) – Outsourcing is for everyone.

I outsource all different kinds of things.

Quick Jobs

When I have lots of calling to do, for example a restaurant booking or chasing a refund, I’ll use a service called Fancy Hands. They are a team of US based “Virtual Assistants” who can take these jobs off my hands.
One quick email to them, or a quick message typed into their app and I no longer have to think about the job – someone else is doing it for me. They do any job that can be done in 15 minutes. Although they’re US based, they work 24 hours, so this isn’t a problem for me being in the UK.
I have also used similar services based elsewhere but have had issues with communication.

Other examples that I have used Fancy Hands for:

Web Research
Find local food stockist

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Medium Sized Jobs

If its a medium sized task, or more skilled work, I use fiverr. Fiverr is a large database of people willing to do certain tasks, with prices starting at just $5. The range of jobs available on fiverr varies immensely (as can the quality of work) You can however find gems on here which will save you loads of time with your todo list – You can get all different kinds of job (or gigs as Fiverr calls them) done, from voice overs to caricatures, to web design etc etc.

For example, I often use Fiverr to take a PSD design and turn it into valid HTML – this costs me $5 for valid HTML and I get a return within a day. Sometimes I also take this another step, and then get someone to take the HTML and turn it into a WordPress template – this costs me roughly $20. So for $25, I can take a PSD web design and get a wordpress template back in just a few days and saved myself a lot of work!

Other things I have used Fiverr for:

Logo Design – $10 including PSD
Certificate Design – $20 including PSD

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Custom Jobs

If I need work doing on a custom task, I use odesk. At odesk you put out a job advert for your task with your budget and then people apply for the job, allowing you to choose who you want to work on it. I recently used odesk for fixing 2 Wikipedia pages which had issues with them. I had 3 applicants and I chose the one that was within my budget and had Wikipedia editing experience. It cost me $20 and the job was completed the same day.

Try oDesk

So, take your todo list and start looking at what you can outsource, be clear in your description of what you want done and include as much detail as possible – Good luck!

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