Andrew Hall


iOS 8 Select/Dropdown Issue

I have identified an issue on iOS 8 that causes the browser to crash and reload the page – not great if you are half way through filling in a form.
This issue can be replicated on some form select (dropdown) elements by changing the value and then clicking the next button as shown below:


This only happens on dropdowns where you try to close the dropdown once a selection has been made.
This was a fix that was added to resolve an issue on iOS 6 where the drop down was not automatically dismissed when choosing a value.

Example JQuery Code:

$('select').on('change', function () {



I worked out that triggering the blur event is the root cause of the issue. I believe this to be a problem where clicking the next button in Safari closes the dropdown box using the blur() event that we specify and then the browser itself tries to close the dropdown box – which no longer exists.

Removing the call to blur() resolves the issue.

This issue does not occur on Chrome on iOS 8, even though it is my understanding that Chrome is effectively Safari under the hood with a different UI over the top.

This bug has been reported to WebKit: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=137059


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