Andrew Hall


iOS 8 Safari Dropdown issue update – Good news!

When iOS 8 came out, I blogged about a couple of issues that I had found with the way that dropdown (<select>) elements worked in the new version of Apples OS.

Issue 1: iOS 8 Select/Dropdown Issue
Issue 2:  Another iOS 8 Select/Dropdown Issue

Now with with iOS 9 on the horizon, I’ve checked how these bugs behave in the 3 latest versions of iOS (8.1.3, 8.3 and 8.4)

In 8.1.3, there is no fix to either of these bugs. The page still crashes as per issue 1 and the values of the drop down get overwritten as per Issue 2.

In 8.3, I am please to announce that issue 1 is fixed and no longer crashes the browser as it did in earlier versions. However, the bug report still remains open and untouched by Apple.
Issue 2 still remains unfixed.

In 8.4, we see the exact same result as 8.3, issue 1 has not regressed but issue 2 still remains unfixed.


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