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How to use a transparent picture on Twitter

Recently I was trying to get a new avatar image for my Twitter Profile to be transparent.

I tried uploading it through Twitters normal web interface but I got inconsistent results – seemed to be transparent (sometimes) on mobile but not on desktop.

A google search took me to many stackoverflow articles about the issue and they all said it couldn’t be done.

However, eventually I found a buried blog post which showed me how to do it. I’ll share the technique with you here:

1. Prepare an transparent png image.

2. go to http://twtkr.olleh.com/, sign in and authorize with your twitter account

3. open your profile page, by clicking your name on the left top of the page

4. After you get in to your profile page, follow this picture by clicking the red highlighted button


5. Click browse and select your image, and then click the upload button (highlighted below)

Now, on mobile at least you have a transparent twitter avatar!

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  1. Richard |

    YOU SAVED ME! I accidentally did it on the actual twitter website like 3 weeks ago but couldn’t seem to do it again. Followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. THANK YOU!


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