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Future of Web Apps – Day 2 session 4 – build pipeline in brocolli – Jo Liss

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When working on a web project we have a lot of steps we need to do as part of our build process.

Lots of people use things like grunt watch to notify when changes are made and then the build process runs. But in a larger web app, this can take a long time. This is bad for development and make it less fun.

The goal of brocolli is to be quick and not have intermediate directories in the build.

Tools like make use a dependably graph to work out which files are needed to build that file. However, brocolli does this in reverse. It just rebuilds based on the input files

Brocolli is quick because it uses an internal cache of files. For example. If we change just one of our files, we don’t want to rebuild all files if they havent changed.

Brocolli does not directly compete with grunt. Grunt is a great task runner but a dedicated tool like brocolli should be used to do the actual build.

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