Andrew Hall


DDD EA Summary

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend DDD East Anglia in Cambridge

From talking to people, there seemed to be a wide range of skill sets and knowledge with most of the attendees being developers – probably to be expected when the conference is called “developer developer developer”.

I found the talks to be pitched at the right level for me and they were varied enough not to get buried in technical detail, nor to be too high level.

Here is a summary of live blogs that I did during each talk, (so if you saw me, I wasn’t just texting):

Session 1 – GitHub Automation
Session 2 – Building Skynet
Session 3 – Disney driven development
Lightning talk 1 – Versioning
Lightning talk 2 – Universal Store Apps
Session 4 – Data Science for fun and profit
Session 5 – what UI do developers need to know?

I hadn’t heard of DDD EA before, probably because I am new to the .Net world but I really enjoyed it and I am sure I will attend again.

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