Andrew Hall


Android apps on Chromebook

I recently got my hands on a Chromebook again after a much needed break.
I decided to go for the HP Chromebook 11 after spotting a good deal on eBay. I wanted this model because it’s got a micro usb charger, meaning it’s easy to find someone with a charger or to use my portable usb charger to keep it alive on the go.

Just this week, google announced that you can run a select few Android apps on Chromebooks using a new runtime they have made available.
For now, it’s only android apps that they make available so there are probably still a few bugs to work out but it looks positive for the future.

I already like Chromebooks due to the easy syncing of bookmarks and cookies from desktop and mobile but the ability to run android apps on them opens up their functionality even further.

I look forward to seeing what other apps will be available soon (even if secretly I’m an apple fanboy)

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