Andrew Hall


2015 Update on iOS 8 Safari Dropdown Issues

When iOS 8 came out, I blogged about a couple of issues that I had found with the way that dropdown (<select>) elements worked in the new version of Apples OS.

Issue 1: iOS 8 Select/Dropdown Issue
Issue 2:  Another iOS 8 Select/Dropdown Issue

Now with 8.1.2 out, more than 3 months on from these issue being found, there is still no change to the functionality of these bugs. They still remain in the codebase, potentially causing problems (or definitely causing problems in my case) for millions of users.
Only one of these bugs has even been acknoledged by Apple – the other remains floating in limbo.

Is it just that apple deems these bugs unimportant, or is it more likely that Apple actually introduced larger bugs (such as HealthKit not working) and therefore just hasnt got round to fixing these yet?

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