Andrew Hall


Tendon Repair Surgery on my foot!

In September 2010, I walked through a glass door whilst on holiday. I was taken to hospital on a ladder in the back of a Land Rover!

After coming back to the UK and having tendon repair surgery (twice, as I re-ruptured the tendon falling over), my foot was in a bit of a state!

I took pictures everyday to track the progress of my foot - Here is the outcome of those photos, put together in a stop motion video:


A couple of questions from YouTube:

Did it hurt after surgery?
Yes, it bloody did – still does sometimes. I will never be able to bend my big toe down again, but I am not a monkey, so I reckon I’ll be fine.

Did you need a cast because they told me i need a cast after they’re done?
Yeah. I had a cast on for about 8 weeks after. Which was annoying! Couldn’t shower, so bathed with my leg in the air!

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