Andrew Hall


Reading List – March/April/May

Over the last few months I’ve been a bit lax on the reading due to being busy at work. (You can read about that on our tech blog)

However, I have still been plugging away at reading, just slowly, and have managed to complete 2 books

A year of living biblically

This is a story about about a man who tried to live his life as per the rules of the bible. I find these type of experimental stories very interesting and it certainly was insightful about the interpretation of certain rules.
I am not particularly religious but this book was intriguing to me.

I had previously read another book by the same author where he reads all of the encyclopaedia britannica and I felt the same way about both books.
Whilst interesting, I found them both to be a little long winded and struggled to plough on through about 75% through.

He has another book about experimenting with health advice and how it affected him. I will read that one at some point in the future

Man 2.0: engineering the alpha

I bought this book not because I want to become a body builder but because I am interested in the nutrition side of health. This book also offered ideas on hormones and how the food you eat affects this.

I don’t think I was the target audience for this book as I don’t go to the gym. However, I did still get some value from to the non exercise parts.

Amazon is now recommending I buy a load of other body building books so that needs sorting!


I’m on a plane as I type this, off to speak at a conference. I’ve taken the time to start another book, in fact a fiction book which is certainly a change for me – I hope I can stick to it. Blogging about reading is certainly helping me to continue with reading in general.

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