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Books I’ve Read – January 2015

As a commitment to try and read more, I am trying to be more public about the reading I do.

Here is the list of the books I read January 2015

1) Six Stickers: A Journey to Complete an Old Sticker Album by Adam Carroll-Smith

First of all, let me say that this book was brilliant. It reminded me a of a Dave Gorman adventure of travelling and fun. Adam basically tries to complete his Merlin Premier League 96 Football sticket album.
I think this resonated with me so much as I too had this album. It brought back memories of when football was a main interest of mine. I remembered buying packs of stickers from the local newsagent, swapping stickers in the playground and how I read every word in that album.
A funny adventure book, with twists and turn that kept me entertained.

2) The Present by Spencer Johnson

This was recommended to me by a colleague at work. In a round about way, the book points out that often we are reflecting about our past or looking to the future at any given point.
The book suggests that we should try to focus more on whats actually happening in the moment rather than looking back or forward.
I liked the sentiment of the book and have begun trying to apply this in my life – I wasn’t so keen on the style of the book, being told as a story.

3) Too much information by Dave Gorman

This book had been in my wishlist for a long time, having read all of Dave’s previous books. As I said above, I love the advneture of the previous books and you always felt you were buildign to something; along with the ride, rooting for Dave at every turn.
This book is a different style and it pains me to say, a little bit whingey. It’s a book of Dave’s viewpoints on different subjects from the advertising of shampoo to headlines in online newspapers. I did enjoy it but its safe to safe I prefer his former style.

I’ve already started on February’s!

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