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I am a web developer based in the UK.
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DDD EA – Session 3 – Disney driven development

This was live blogged during DDD ea session 3 at melinda seckingtons talk Melinda visited Disneyland and were lucky enough to go on the “keys to the kingdom” talk. They saw behind the scenes of parts of Disney that most people don’t see. In 1955 Disneyland opened on a different location to today. Walt Disney has an idea about building a theme park and it should be very different to the normal carnival theme Parks of the time. When the park opened, 28000 people turned up and half didn’t have tickets and Disney weren’t expecting them. They ran out ofRead More


DDD EA – Session 2 – Building Skynet

This was live blogged during the talk at DDD ea. The talk is by Anthony Brown People think that machine learning is scary, or to do with science fiction but machine learning is all around us Advertising, which products you get suggested to buy online or even online game match making are all examples of machine learning Even CPUs since ~1995 use machine learning to optimise. Target in the US used machine learning to predict what a 16 year old would want to buy. However, the company predicted that she was pregnant! Her father saw the flyer that she receivedRead More


DDD EA – Session 1 – GitHub Automation

Please excuse all typos/grammar mistakes – this was done live during the talk. This talk was by Forbes Lindesay. If you want todo something simple with GitHub then some browser plugins are available but if you want to do more, use the REST API *sometimes returns 404 when should return 403 – this is done on purpose for security To automate: 1) generate a new oauth token – use developer for tools for other people – personal for yourself 2) choose the access rights 3) add oauth token to your chosen code/library, (you can use GitHub-basic if using JavaScript) choosingRead More


Regain control of Twitter with 3 Chrome Extensions

Twitter can often be a sea of confusion and irrelevant tweets. Here are the 3 extensions that have really helped me to tame my Twitter feed. 1) Web Marker This is my favourite. If i’m at home, I normally read Twitter on my iPhone or on iPad via Twitteriffic. Other times, I read Twitter on the web. Tweet marker is a service that lets you sync all these services together, so if you read tweets on your phone morning, then check Twitter on your desktop at lunchtime, you’ll easily see where you got up to. (Here, the blue line indicatesRead More


Using the Dribbble API for a digital photo frame

After producing the script to scrape FFFFound, I was thinking of some other services to use for a variety of images. As well as FFFFound, I like to check on what’s happening at Dribbble too. Dribbble is a site for people to show of their work, that may still be in development, for other designers to comment on. I used the dribbble api to get the data from dribbble’s servers in JSON format. Below is my commented script, so steal if it you like and it’s on github too:   <?   set_time_limit(0); mkdir("images");   //loop through pages for ($i=1;$i<=30;$i++){Read More


Worlds Slowest Lift!

In September 2010, I sliced a tendon in my foot and had to have tendon repair surgery. Because of this, I was in a cast and on crutches for what seemed like ages. I then returned to work, but my desk being on the first floor meant that I had to use the lift. It really is the world’s slowest lift:


Peterborough Day to Night Timelapse Video

In November 2011, I got an iPhone 4S but my iPhone 3GS was still in fairly good working condition – So I was looking at ways I could use it before sending it off to be recycled. I decided I could leave it on the window sill of my office taking pictures of the view from my flat to the Cathedral and across Peterborugh city centre including the main train line. I started the camera taking pictures using a Timelapse app before I went to work, and then turned it off when I got home. After a bit of editing, I came up withRead More


Mrs Cat vs Turkey

In October 2010, we got 2 rescue cats from the Cats Protection League – Neo (Mr Cat) and Cici (Mrs Cat). They were very timid and jumpy as they has been rescued and rehomed twice. We decided to take them as a pair instead of splitting them up as they had been together a long time. Fast forward 12 months and the cats are now settled and calm in the flat. Will sit us on and occasionally, even let us pick them up. The video below shows just how far they’ve come on and Cici (Mrs Cat) was playing withaRead More


Tendon Repair Surgery on my foot!

In September 2010, I walked through a glass door whilst on holiday. I was taken to hospital on a ladder in the back of a Land Rover! After coming back to the UK and having tendon repair surgery (twice, as I re-ruptured the tendon falling over), my foot was in a bit of a state! I took pictures everyday to track the progress of my foot - Here is the outcome of those photos, put together in a stop motion video:   A couple of questions from YouTube: Did it hurt after surgery? Yes, it bloody did – still does sometimes. I willRead More


Scraping FFFFound.com for a digital photo frame

The Plan A few years ago my girlfriend bought me a digital photo frame for Christmas. Since then, we have been on lots of holidays and have plenty of memories to display on the photo frame. However, being the geek that I am, I decided I could put it to better use! I love ffffound.com. If you’ve never heard of ffffound, it’s an image bookmarking site and always has some really interesting photos on there. I could waste literally hours looking at all the pictures on there (Ok I have wasted hours on there!). So I decided to make myRead More