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I am a web developer based in the UK.
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iOS 8 Select/Dropdown Issue

I have identified an issue on iOS 8 that causes the browser to crash and reload the page – not great if you are half way through filling in a form. This issue can be replicated on some form select (dropdown) elements by changing the value and then clicking the next button as shown below: Effect: This only happens on dropdowns where you try to close the dropdown once a selection has been made. This was a fix that was added to resolve an issue on iOS 6 where the drop down was not automatically dismissed when choosing a value.Read More


Agile on the Beach 2014 – My 3 take aways

What is Agile on the beach? Agile on the Beach is a leading annual conference on the Cornish coast that explores the latest Agile and lean thinking in software craftsmanship, teams and business. Why did I want to go? I joined a company that uses Agile about 4 months ago and although I had heard of the concept before, had never worked in an Agile environment and therefore didn’t know much about it. Was it worthwhile? In a nutshell, yes. With varied speakers covering 4 tracks, there was something to keep my over-active mind engaged at all times. I feelRead More


Send web pages to your Kindle to read later

Recently I resurrected an old project of mine that allows you to send web pages on the internet to read later on a Kindle. I built this service a few years ago when I wanted to read long web articles on my Kindle instead of on a screen. The service at www.kindlethispage.com, allows users to click a bookmark in their browser and have the content of the webpage they are on to be sent to their Kindle. The service uses JavaScript for the bookmarklet, sending the current URL to the server where it is processed by the Readability library inRead More


Android apps on Chromebook

I recently got my hands on a Chromebook again after a much needed break. I decided to go for the HP Chromebook 11 after spotting a good deal on eBay. I wanted this model because it’s got a micro usb charger, meaning it’s easy to find someone with a charger or to use my portable usb charger to keep it alive on the go. Just this week, google announced that you can run a select few Android apps on Chromebooks using a new runtime they have made available. For now, it’s only android apps that they make available so thereRead More


How to use a transparent picture on Twitter

Recently I was trying to get a new avatar image for my Twitter Profile to be transparent. I tried uploading it through Twitters normal web interface but I got inconsistent results – seemed to be transparent (sometimes) on mobile but not on desktop. A google search took me to many stackoverflow articles about the issue and they all said it couldn’t be done. However, eventually I found a buried blog post which showed me how to do it. I’ll share the technique with you here: 1. Prepare an transparent png image. 2. go to http://twtkr.olleh.com/, sign in and authorize with yourRead More


DDD EA Summary

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend DDD East Anglia in Cambridge From talking to people, there seemed to be a wide range of skill sets and knowledge with most of the attendees being developers – probably to be expected when the conference is called “developer developer developer”. I found the talks to be pitched at the right level for me and they were varied enough not to get buried in technical detail, nor to be too high level. Here is a summary of live blogs that I did during each talk, (so if you saw me, I wasn’tRead More


DDD EA – Session 5 – what Ui do developers need to know?

This talk is by @ben_hall and was live blogged Great user interface design helps our users and creates an emotional connection We can fall in love in the same way as we use applications. We may not realise this, it’s not a conscious decision. If an application looks better, this conveys professionalism and carries weight. In a startup, everyone should be a designer. This causes more emotional connection between your app and your user, hopefully meaning higher app adoption Design also shares many things with development. Patterns, practices and iteration exist in both worlds. A junior designer could take someRead More


DDD EA – Session 4 – Data Science for fun and profit

This was live blogged during DDD ea so may be full of typos and issues. It’s by Gary short @garyshort Data science is maths and therefore dull. We will learn about data science in the context of horse racing Naive probability is the type of probability that most people know. It’s the number of winning outcomes over the number of total outcomes. Each head or tails flip for example would be 1/2 and this is independant as each coin flip does not impact the other. But this doesn’t always work. The chance of there being life on the moon isRead More


DDD EA – Lightning talk 2 – universal store apps

This is a talk on universal store apps by iris classon @irisclasson Universal store applications came out at build 2014 but it wasn’t new – just made easier Universal store applications means it works on windows 8.1 and on windows phone 8.1. We can share code, assets and resources meaning less code duplication. The only difference is the user experience It also means that if a user purchases your app for windows, it also will work on their phone with synced data. Xamarind also allows you to make your app work on iphone and android devices too, if you useRead More


DDD EA – Lightning talk 1 – versioning

Versioning by Toby Henderson @holytshirt .net was supposed to stop DLL hell but nothings changed. It helps with some things but lot of people still don’t understand. Versioning is to give a unique name or number to a piece of software but there’s lots of different ways to do it. In .net is minor major build revision. Suggested to use minor.major.patch with optional prerelease/alpha/beta keyword on the end. Also don’t use negative numbers. Everyone knows assemblyversion. This is the version number you are compiling against. If the version changes, you need to recompile Assemblyfileversion where build servers build same filesRead More