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Reading List June/July

As I mentioned in my last book blog, I even was trying something new this month with reading a Fiction book.

The Slynx

This is the fiction book I mentioned earlier that is actually translated from Russian. Might not have been the best choice to read a translated book, when I struggle to read fiction as some of the references didn’t make sense. After some googling, it seems like I was not the only person with this issue. Putting this aside for one moment, I really liked it. I did struggle about 2/3 of the way through just because I found it hard to read.

Its a story of post apocalyptic Russia and how people survive after this, including customs and words for things we know now. It has at least, not put me off reading fiction and I will read more in the future.

Game Set Cash

This book is a lot more light hearted than the Slynx and managed to read it all on the plane on the way to speak at a conference (If youd like me to speak at a conference/event that you run, please see my speaking page).
This book is about the people that were employed to fly to all tennis games around the world, in order to report back, in real time, each point of the tennis game so that people could bet on the actual outcome of each point before the rest of the world knew the result!
A great idea and seemed to be profitable for the bettors and was also reported as being a fun job to do in this book, if not a little dangerous at times!

Free Will

This short book was recommended to me. The book talks about how the decisions we make are not really made by us, they are made by all the things that have happened before us. Whilst we might choose to eat Weetabix instead of Shreddies for breakfast, we actually don’t know why we have made these decisions and never will. Its certainly an interesting viewpoint and made me think about the decisions I make.

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