Andrew Hall

My name is Andrew Hall.
I am a web developer based in the UK and yes, I’m a certified geek.
I live and breathe tech, design, programming and anything in that area. Check out the apps I've developed or the web work I have done.
Feel free to contact me or follow me on Twitter @RealAndrewHall. You can also view my LinkedIn.

Saving articles to read later

These days with distraction after distraction and constant context switching, its harder to concentrate than ever before. One of the ways I avoid context switching is to save articles that I find I am interested in but can’t read right now, to read later. This may be due to being stuck into something or because I just don’t have time to read them at that point. The service I use for short articles is Instapaper and I find it has many benefits. One of the key features that I use, is the ability to save links from my phone whilstRead More


2015 Update on iOS 8 Safari Dropdown Issues

When iOS 8 came out, I blogged about a couple of issues that I had found with the way that dropdown (<select>) elements worked in the new version of Apples OS. Issue 1: iOS 8 Select/Dropdown Issue Issue 2:  Another iOS 8 Select/Dropdown Issue Now with 8.1.2 out, more than 3 months on from these issue being found, there is still no change to the functionality of these bugs. They still remain in the codebase, potentially causing problems (or definitely causing problems in my case) for millions of users. Only one of these bugs has even been acknoledged by AppleRead More


Talk @ Agile Southgate – “How to win friends and influence computers”

Today I spoke at Agile Southgate. My talk was titled – “How to win friends and influcence computers”. The purpose of the talk was to give non-developers the understanding of programming basics in a way that would be simple to understand. I tried to do that using the (overused) analogy of a computer program as a recipe but also using other examples – e.g. “Variables are just buckets”. I also tried to use audience participation in order to make the examples I described feel more real to the audience. Here are the slides – video to follow.


Outsourcing is for Everyone

When I am really busy and my todo list is getting too long, I actually get less and less done. Just managing all the work I have to do, means that I don’t spend any time actually doing things, just juggling it all. This is when I reach out for help. One of the ways I do this it to outsource – Now, just hang on, don’t change tabs, or think that outsourcing is not for you (I previously thought like this) – Outsourcing is for everyone. I outsource all different kinds of things. Quick Jobs When I have lotsRead More


Update on HTML select bugs in iOS 8.1

At the end of September, I reported on 2 different issues with <select> elements (dropdowns) in iOS 8. Issue 1: iOS 8 Select/Dropdown Issue Issue 2:  Another iOS 8 Select/Dropdown Issue iOS 8.1 was release yesterday and I checked if they were updated or changed in any way…. No, no, no. – Still, no fixes for these issues or updates on the bugs – Either Apple just don’t care about these issues or they’ve had a lot of much bigger bugs to fix. Keep you updated if I spot any updates on these


What should a good speaker do?

With conference season over for me this year (search for my live blogs and summaries), I’ve been thinking about the talks I’ve seen and what, to me, differentiates a good speaker from a not so good speaker. As I continue my journey in wanting to speak at conferences, I think this is an important point that I should work out now so I can use this as almost a manifesto or at least a list guidelines of how I’d like to do my talks. Be Engaging Its always easier to concentrate and listen properly to a talk that’s engaging andRead More


Future of Web Apps Day 2 Live blogs

Heres a quick summary of the talks I live blogged on Day 2 of FOWA:   Future of Web Apps – Day 2 Keynote – Telling stories with APIs – Camille Baldock Future of Web Apps – Day 2 Session 1 – Scaling Front End Web Apps – James Turner Future of Web Apps – Day 2 Session 2 – front end automation tools – Rob Dudley Future of Web Apps – Day 2 Session 3 – Clean UX requires dirty work – Ian Moersen Future of Web Apps – Day 2 session 4 – build pipeline in brocolli –Read More


Future of Web Apps – Day 2 session 4 – build pipeline in brocolli – Jo Liss

This was live blogged When working on a web project we have a lot of steps we need to do as part of our build process. Lots of people use things like grunt watch to notify when changes are made and then the build process runs. But in a larger web app, this can take a long time. This is bad for development and make it less fun. The goal of brocolli is to be quick and not have intermediate directories in the build. Tools like make use a dependably graph to work out which files are needed to buildRead More


Future of Web Apps – Day 2 Session 3 – Clean UX requires dirty work – Ian Moersen

This was live blogged with fat thumbs. Over time, code stagnates and we add technical debt to our projects. It’s not all about adding bad code to our code base but also about maintenance and legacy. This is not because of standards moving too fast or browsers going too fast but perhaps maybe it’s caused by what the users expect from your website. How do you convince people that technical debt is a thing you have to contend with? If you have to support old systems, this can take a long time but business people don’t care about this debt,Read More


Future of Web Apps – Day 2 Session 2 – front end automation tools – Rob Dudley

This was live blogged There’s nothing wrong with being lazy – lazy developers are happy developers. Developers spend less time doing things they don’t want to and can concentrate on the things they actually enjoy! Everytime you start a project you are wasting time doing things that you do Everytime instead of actually doing work! Bower is a front end package manager built by Twitter and runs on node. You can install packages via bower and you can search for packages. You can do this via command line or via the online version. Bower also handles dependencies for you. YouRead More